Shipping Policy and FAQs

Shipping Times

Our items are scheduled to ship in 10-14 BUSINESS days. We have this turnaround time, because every design we have is always available. Nothing is ever out of stock! To be perfectly honest, we place our orders the same days every single week, but sometimes due to shipping or the company we order from, they just take longer to get here. We cut, pack, and ship the SAME DAY we receive the orders so they're out in maximum time.


We live in Vermont and sometimes winter weather does effect shipping time. If we have any delays due to winter weather, we will send emails to everyone with open orders. We will not refund any items that are shipped within a week past turnaround (during the winter) IF we sent emails and notified everyone by the original shipping date.

Return Policy

We have a no return policy. Items are printed per each order, and we do not accept any returns. If you're unhappy with your order please message us and we will do our best to find a solution.


Q - Do you create exclusive designs?

A - No. We don't create exclusive designs as some of our designs are based on purchased graphic elements that we then use to design our own patterns. Because of this there may be similar (but different) patterns out there.

Q - Do you offer larger sizes than what is listed?

A - We can print these designs on many sizes, however there is not much of a discount for larger sizes, as we offer these for as cheap as possible every day.